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Motherhood and Repetitive Strain Injuries- Are you at risk?

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By: Rhonda McLachlan Registered Massage Therapist

Most people affiliate repetitive strain injuries (RSIs) with sports or certain jobs such as factory workers.  Although these are common areas at higher risk of RSI’s there are some other examples that you might not be aware of.

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Rotary Paul Harris Fellow Award: To My Surprise

By: Angelo Posteraro


Now I am very humble in sharing a story that was a surprise and is dear to my heart. Recognition is so important even though it makes most of us feel uncomfortable.

A couple of months ago Ries W. Boers from the Rotary Club Of Milton invited me to their awards presentation as apparently a friend of mine Rod McLachlan was to receive an award and I was told that he had no idea he was receiving it. Ries convinced me that being there to support Rod was important. Well, I made myself available and made sure that I was present.

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