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    1. Milton Orthotic & Wellness Centre

      Well Stu, there could be many reasons why your feet hurt in the morning. The best way to know why is to have them properly assessed. If the pain is on the bottom of your heel and very specific you may want to read through the plantar fasciitis article http://miltonorthoticwellness.ca/index.php/heel-pain/ and see if those signs and symptoms apply to you. Definitely see your family doctor and local Certified Pedorthist to resolve the issue.

      If the pain is more around your ankle or top of your foot you may want to be assessed for tendon or ligament issues or even arthritis. At times the ankle bones can press too hard into each other as well, which could just be due to tight muscles or too much pounding on your feet. Orthotics, new or different shoes and some stretches may be able to help with that.
      As you can see there are numerous reasons why your feet could be hurting you in the morning. A full assessment with a Certified Pedorthist should be able to give you some answers to your question.

      You are not alone Stu, many people experience foot pain in the morning. It is not normal though and you should have it looked at.

      Thanks for the great question.

    1. Milton Orthotic & Wellness Centre

      The best way to know if orthotics would benefit you is to be assessed. Same goes for the children. However our arches do not fully develop until around age 6 so unless there is a major concern it is unlikely younger children would need an orthotic. Common symptoms that may occur that would suggest an orthotic may be beneficial for you include back pain, hip discomfort, knee pain or cracking, shin splints, chronic ankle tightness or repeated sprains, achilles pain, heel pain, foot neuromas, bunions, and various other foot conditions. I would say if you are unsure be assessed. Have the Certified Pedorthist explain why you or your children could benefit from orthotics or why orthorics are not needed. Hope this helps.

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